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Fee Schedule


Fee Schedule and Service Charges

Membership Fees$5.00
Rejoining Fees
(60 Day Waiting Period)
Close 01 Share Account$10.00
Multi Check Withdrawal$2.50 each
Stop Payment Credit Union Check$15.00
Return Deposited Item$30.00
Return Mail Fee Per Piece$1.00
Copy Statement Per Page$2.50
Outgoing Wire Transfer$10.00
Incoming Wire$2.00
Loan Application Processing Fee$10.00
Account Verification
Garnishment Fee
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
(ATM, VISA Debit, Drafts & Checks)
Certified Draft/Check$5.00
Share Draft Stop Payment$30.00
ACH Return Fee
Copy of Draft/Check
(Personal Checking)
Money Orders$1.50 each
Non-member PCCU Checks Cashed$5.00 each
IRA Transfer Fee$35.00
Close IRA$25.00
IRA Set-up$5.00
Fax Fee
(per page)
Reset Home Banking
(1 free annually)
Courtesy Pay Per Transaction$30.00
Reconcile Accounts
(Per Hour)
Inactive Account Fee
(Per Month)
VISA Debit Card Fee
ATM VISA Debit Balance Inquiry$1.00
ATM Transaction Fee Excludes Credit Union 24/CU Here$3.00
VISA Debit
(Accounts closed without returning cards)
Christmas Club Withdrawal
(Each Occurrence)
Checks ReorderedVaries
Overdrawn Account Fee
(Per Week)
Credit Union Service Center ATM's Withdrawals
(Balance Inquiries & Transfer Fees Will Apply)
Share Draft Manual Transfer Fee
Share Draft Annual Fee
Annual Fee deducted from checking 1-31st each year. Accounts opened after 1-31st will be charged up front @ time opened based on months left in the year. ($1 per month) This is non-refundable
Visa Chargeback$15.00
Hot Card Fee$5.00
ATM/VISA sales draft copy each item ATM Processing Fee (SPC)$3.50
Below Minimum Balance Fee Monthly$10.00

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