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Visa Credit & Debit Cards


VISA Credit Cards

We offer Visa Credit Cards, both secured and unsecured, with rates beginning at 7.49%. Depending on your credit score will decide your rate. Complete our loan application and see if we can get you approved! You can apply on line for your convenience.

Want to rebuild your credit?  Apply for a share covered VISA.  Put some money in your shares, at least $250.00 and secure your VISA with this.  No credit check.  We do report to the credit bureau, so this is a great way to start rebuilding your credit.

During February & March 2020 we want to help you pay off high credit card rates.  Do you have a credit card and owe more than 2.99% APR?  Talk to us about transferring your balances to our VISA credit card and get a much better rate.  NO transfer fee……  Call for details……

VISA Debit Cards

You must have a checking account to use the VISA Debit Card.
You can request a VISA Debit application when you open your checking account.  If you put money in your checking account immediately, we can instantly give you a Debit Card to use until your permanent card is sent to you.  No waiting!  How nice is this?

  • You can withdrawal up to $750 per day.
    (If ATM is offline, limit is reduced to $100)
  • Internet transactions or POS (Point of Sale) up to $1500 per day.
  • CARD VALET now available for FREE to help you protect your Debit Card.  Turn this feature on your mobile phone and each time you spend money you get a notification.  If a notification is sent and you did not make that purchase, you can immediately turn your Debit Card off and report fraud.  This is also a great way to constantly track your spending purchases.

Try and always use this VISA as a credit transaction. Always keep a check register of your transactions.