Loan Rates

Loan Rates                                                
Share Covered Loans
(Fixed rate)
3.00% Above Current
Dividend Rate Up to 60 Months
 100%  Share Covered Loans
4.00% Above Current
Dividend Rate 61-120 Months
Share Covered Loans
2.00% Below Current
Signature Loan Rate
Share Certificates 4% above certificate rate.LOAN RATES ARE DETERMINED BY YOUR CREDIT SCORE
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New  & Used Car Loan Rates 
2019-201236 Months2.49% – 8.09%
48 Months2.74% – 8.34%
60 Months2.99% – 8.59%
No D Pricing Available for 72 months72 Months3.24% – 5.84%
No C or D pricing available80 Months*4.24% – 4.84%
*80 Month financing only available if you finance $30,000.00 +
A+, A, B, pricing
Finance 100% MSRP on New Cars (Never been titled)
On Used Cars up to 100% NADA Clean Retail Value
All rates and % to be financed, depends on your credit score.
Auto’s with 5000 miles or less can be considered new if 2019 or 2018.
Loan Officers have the final decision as to the length of time to finance a car loan depending on your credit score, outstanding debt ratio, etc. Many factors apply.
Pre-Approval will allow an additional 1/4% off current rate unless otherwise specified. Depending on your credit score rebates may be used toward tax/title/processing fees. Vehicles with 5000 miles or less, will be considered as new. Campers, Motor Homes & Boats, have special financing, call for more information.
Campers & Motor Homes
(See Auto for year info)
Up to 144 months (depending on year & credit score)
4.50% – 6.00%
 $40,000 + to go over 120 months add 2.00% to the current rates.  Call for detailed information.
Boats & Trailers
Call for detailed information.  Rates start at 4.50% – 6.00% up to 144 Months.

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Do you have a vehicle financed somewhere other than at Prime Care?

We will refinance it and drop your rate by 2.000%

(Not to drop below 2.00%)

**New policies to extend the terms of financing **

Signature Loans
1 – 12 Months
5.00% – 13.50%
No new loans will be issued at a variable rate unless its an open end loan.
13 – 24 Months
6.00% – 14.50%
25 – 36 Months
7.00% – 15.50%
37 – 48 Months
8.00% – 16.50%
Open End Loan Rate 8.25%
VISA Credit Card
Visa Credit Card Rate
9.99% – 16.99%
(Beacon score determines rate)
Platinum Visa Credit Card
Solid Rate (Includes balance transfers)
Visa rates may change to a default rate in the event of delinquency, see VISA disclosure.
Regular Loanliner Variable Rate Loans
Regular Loanliner Variable Rate Loans are at Wall Street Journal Prime + 3%
Rate adjusts quarterly & changes on the first day of April, July, October, & January
Payments @ $16.00 per $500.00 owed/never less than $20.00 per month.
Maximum Signtaure Loan Amount
Maximum Signtaure Loan amount is $10,000.00 not to exceed 20% of your Gross Annual Income (i.e, gross annual income is $30,000, then 20% of that is $6000.00).  Your Beacon Score will determine if you can borrow up to $10,000.00 and your gross annual income.
Maximum Loan for any member
Maximum Loan for any member is $500,000.00 (Mortgage included) Home Equity Loans – Call the credit union for the current rate Speak to Robin or Terry for quote (757-388-3834)

Have questions? E-mail Robin, one of our loan officers.

When you are looking to buy a car, check us out before signing the dotted line with the dealers.

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Get pre-approved and save an additional 1/4% off your interest rate on auto loans.

(Special conditions may apply)