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If you ever have your VISA Debit Card compromised this is what you should do:

1. When you notice an unusual transaction on your card call the 800 number on the back of your card to have your card frozen.
2. Next as soon as the credit union opens, call us at 757-934-4624 and report the problem.
3. We will ask you to sign a perjury form with all the necessary information about the fraudulent charges so we can have details to help you.
4. We will also ask you to contact the merchant where the charges originated from to try and get them to give you your money back.
5. You can contact your local police department to make a statement of fraud charges.
6. Our internal fraud department along with FISERV will work on recovering your funds.

Make sure at all times that Prime Care has your current e-mail address, current cell or contact number. When fraud occurs, the fraud department will reach out to you with a phone call. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR BALANCES DAILY ON HOME BANKING

Questions, call 757-934-4624 or 757-388-3834 or 757-261-8635.




Do you know how POP Money works?  You must log in to (free bill paying service), see our link page.  For 95 cents you can send money to other financial institutions to your family or friends.  No need to wire funds or write a check.  This is a great convenience. You will need to sign up for and so will the recipient of the funds. For the low cost to send money to another person, it is certainly worth it!   Take a few moments and sign up for FREE and read over the instructions.  There are daily limits.  You get faster service using your debit card to send the money.  This is not a Prime Care Credit Union product, it is owned and operated through FISERV.

You have over 5600 Credit Union Service Centers for your use. These are located throughout the US. You have the use of ALL Credit Union 24/CU Here ATM Terminals. Look for the logo & use it Surcharge FREE.
Prime Care Credit Union’s Audio Response System
Get account information 24 hours a day with Audio Response. 1-800-399-4801 or with our Home Banking.
Both services are free. If you have not already signed up for either service, contact the credit union today!
Get up to date credit union closings.
At Prime Care
  • To be a credit union member you must always maintain a $50 share balance.
  • Annual checking account fee is $10
  • If your account balance in checking drops to zero, there is no additional charge, its ok!
  • We accept direct deposit from any company.
  • You always have 24 hour access to your account information via Home Banking or Audio Response at no charge. Its free!
  • There are Credit Union Service Centers throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, etc. that you can use at anytime for free!
  • There are over 100 local ATM terminals in Tidewater & Hampton Roads that you can use at any time for free! No bank locally can offer this type of ATM free service. (info gathered from surveys)
  • You can also pay bills on-line for free with

Please take a couple of minutes and make sure you are aware of the dividend rates and fees that are charged at Prime Care Credit Union.  Whenever fees are changed or updated this information is on your statements.  When opening a new account you are given this schedule.  If you are not sure, you can request this schedule at any time.  Remember that many fees are passed along to help cover cost that Prime Care incurs.  Please don’t be surprised, be pre-pared!  If you have an NSF know what it cost you.  If you need to stop payment on an item, know this too!  Request your copy at any time.

Prime Care Credit Union is committed to providing excellent service to our members and we would not contact our members via email, unless responding to an email, nor call to solicit or verify any type of account information. If you need assistance in the investigation and/or prosecution of a computer facilitated identity theft crime, contact the Office of the Attorney General, Computer Crime Unit at 877-245-5521 or at

International Transactions Blocked

Due to increased Visa Debit card fraud, all international card
transactions have been blocked.


Are you aware of check holds? Are you aware of the ATM deposit holds? Did you know that you may not have immediate credit? Official checks may also be held. This is true at the Credit Union Service Centers and the Credit Union itself.  Questions

Talk with your credit union representatives today by calling 757-388-3834.



This is a Fiserv product. PCCU uses Fiserv software on a daily basis. This service is not directly endorsed by Prime Care Credit Union.


Due to increased fraud and forgery, and the Credit Union Service Centers’ inability to verify negotiable instruments, NON-CASH items deposited at any Credit Union Service Center will be subject to hold. This may include cashier’s checks, money orders, certified checks as well as government issued checks and travelers checks. Be sure to ask the Credit Union Service Center representative if your item will be placed on hold before making the deposit. Also, your name may appear on Check out this site and protect yourself from fraud!

Please be advised that it is the policy of Prime Care Credit Union to clear any negative account which bears your name (whether primary or joint) from your Share, Share Draft, Christmas Club, Rainy Day, Insurance, or any other type of account to which you are entitled the funds. Please refer to your membership account agreement, the current Rate & Fee schedule, or other credit union documents or notices posted regarding this.


There are many financial counseling services to help people. If you need help check out:

  • (Consumer Credit Counseling Services 1-800-355-2227)
  • (Free Personal Evaluation) 1-866-719-3328
  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling 1-800-284-1698




Is there a limit to the number of electronic transfers I can make from my savings account?
Products, Savings
Federal Regulation D limits the number of pre-authorized, electronic, or automatic transfers or debits out of a deposit account to six (6) transactions per month. There will be an Excess Transaction Fee of $30 on all transfers exceeding the six (6) monthly permitted by Reg D.

Q: What is Regulation D?
A: Regulation D (“Reg D”) is a federal regulation that places a monthly limit on the number of transfers you may make from your deposit accounts (savings) without your physical presence being required.
Q: Which accounts at Prime Care Credit Union are considered deposit accounts?
A: Savings Accounts and Certificates are deposit accounts.
Q: Are checking accounts subject to Regulation D?
A: No, checking accounts are not subject to Reg D. There is no limit on any transactions on a checking account.
Q: Which transactions are subject to the Regulation D limitations?
A: Any automatic or electronic transactions that are not done in person at a branch or ATM. The transaction must result in funds being taken out of a Savings Account or Certificate. Examples of Reg D transactions are:
• Transfers made using Online Banking
• Transfers made using our automated Audio Response Telephone Banking
• Transfers made by a Member Service Representative when calling in to any office
• Overdraft transfers (made automatically to cover insufficient funds in other accounts)
• Pre-authorized, automatic, scheduled or recurring transfers (called ACH withdrawals)
• POS Transactions (transactions using a Cash Card or Debit Card)
• Automatic transfers between accounts

Q: What types of transactions are not considered Regulation D Transactions?
• Transactions from a checking account
• Deposits to your account
• Transactions at a branch
• Transactions at an ATM
• Transactions at a Shared Branching Service Center
Q: I have more than one deposit account. Am I limited to a total of six transactions for all my deposit accounts combined?
A: You are allowed up to six Regulation D transactions per month for EACH of your deposit accounts.
Example: If you have three savings accounts, each savings account can have up to six Regulation D transactions.
Q: What happens if I go over the limit?
A: There will be an Excess Transaction Fee of $30 on all transfers exceeding the six (6) monthly permitted by Reg D.
Q: How can I avoid being charged the Reg D fee?
• Open a checking account if you do not have one with Prime Care Credit Union.
• Use your checking account for the majority of your withdrawals and debits.
• Keep more funds in your checking account.
• Transfer excess funds from your checking account to your deposit account after you verify it is not needed.
• Locate a Prime Care Credit Union Branch, Shared Credit Union Branch, or Free ATM.

Q: What happens if I continually exceed the transaction limit?
A: Prime Care Credit Union is required to limit transactions within savings accounts. Consecutive overuse of a savings account may result in limitations to withdrawal/transfer capability from the savings account, automatic conversion to a transaction account, or account closure. We must follow the legal requirements of Regulation D. Please understand…….