Loan Types

New Car Loans
Different ways to finance depending on your credit score, call us. 757-388-3834
Used Car Loans
Prime Care uses the NADA value of the car. Depending on your credit score, depends on the % we can lend
Boat & Boat Trailer Loans
Treated like car loans, rates & terms & NADA value
Jet Ski Loans
Treated like car loans, rates & terms & NADA/book value
Motorcycle Loans
Financed same as autos, but 2.00% is added to the rates
Campers & Motor Homes
Depending on your credit score determines your rate & the amount we can lend using NADA value
Signature Loans
Home Improvement, Vacation, Debt Consolidation, Pay Taxes, Buy Furniture, Holiday Loans, etc…
Rebuild Your Credit Loans
(Special rate & terms apply) These loans are reported to credit bureau to help you!
100% Share(Savings)Covered Loans
Borrow against your savings at a reduced rate and save your money
50% Share (Savings) Covered Loans
Borrow against your savings at a reduced rate and save your money
Loans against your Share Certificate (CD)
Borrow against your certificate at a reduced rate and save your money
VISA Credit Cards
Rates starting at 7.49% to 16.99% No transfer fees and no rate changes once we transfer your account to Prime Care Credit Union. Don't wait, call today. 757-388-3834.
If you don't see it (loan type) above just ask us!!!!!!
If you have no credit references on your credit report, you receive a C credit score rate plus 2.00% added to the rate. If you have a “Thin File” where you have less than three trade lines and may have a file less than two years old, then we will add 1.00% to your credit score rate. Talk with a credit union representative to find out which credit score rate you are falling in and talk about any terms and conditions for loans. Minimum loan advance for any loan is $250.00. New Signature loan limit up to $10,000.00.  Call for details!!!!!
All Loans are subject for approval. You must be a Credit Union (Main) member to apply. $10 Loan processing fees apply + $5 extra for each co-maker/co-signer We do not offer Member Business Loans at this time

Have questions? E-mail Robin, one of our loan officers.