End of Year Letter

Dear Credit Union Members:      VERY IMPORTANT NEWS

Please take a moment and make sure you are aware of the following:

Prime Care Credit Union will be changing computer processors March 1, 2017. The credit union will close 3-1-17 and reopen on the 2nd of March 2017.  With this change, you will need to reset your E-Statements to get old statements.  Fiserv, our software vendor will update all members that currently have Home Banking and Audio Response.  There will not be any past history on the new system.  To get this you will have to re-enroll on E-Statements on our STAND ALONE System.  Instructions will be provided.

The new E-Statements should be available after March 9, 2017. The history will start on these statements as of March 1, 2017.

Your account numbers will not change.

Pending ACH’s may not be available on this new system, so please keep track of your account via a check register.

If you have transfers, please make sure these did come over to the new system properly.  You should check on these after your next payroll or direct deposit.

Dividends will post February 28th and March 31st, 2017.

Please make sure you are aware of our rates and fees.  You can call in and request this information be sent to you or look on our Home Banking website.  All new fees will be updated on the website & statements.  Don’t forget the weekly overdrawn account fees and monthly inactive account fees.  These will now be automated as of 3-1-17.   Please read your statement messages.

Due to so much FRAUD in today’s society, we must have your current address, phone number, cell number and e-mail in our system to help protect you.  Changing this information on your job does not get back to us.  We will reach out to you via e-mail before ever mailing you a letter.

Please make sure that you keep a register of all your transactions you are doing on your Debit Card.  You can check with Home Banking or Audio Response for balances.  By keeping up with this, it can help to prevent fraud.

If you just have a savings account, remember that you can only have six electronic transactions on this monthly.  If you need more, please open a checking with us to avoid Prime Care returning an item and charging you a fee.

Don’t let your savings account become inactive. Make a monetary transaction on this account at least once a year.

We can now only offer two free ATM/Debit cards on your account.  If lost or stolen, you may have to pay the processing fee to get a new card. Charges being passed from our processor to you.

Annual checking account fee will come out on 1-31-17 in the amount of $10.00.

New Home Banking program coming in 2017!!!  You will have smart phone access!